How to Order

If you would like to place an order this page contains all the information that you might need.

Please read through this page completely before contacting me as it contains important information and may answer questions that you might have.

Waiting List

  • the waiting list is currently closed
  • no new orders are being accepted at this time and I do not currently have a date for when this will change. For now anything I make will be available in the shop. Please follow the Twitter to be informed if/when the list re-opens or check back here.
  • contact details are not available when the waiting list is closed as unfortunately I am not taking enquiries at this time.

Commisioning Process

If you contact me I can give you a quote for any items that you might like to have made. You can see the sorts of things that I generally do in the gallery but we can discuss any ideas you have. Some things just aren’t possible or practical though! The options page gives you some examples of different aspects that you can choose.

If you decide to place an order I’ll give you an order number and an approximate waiting time. Whilst you’re on the waiting list you will receive an email at the start of each month updating you with a revised time and your place in the queue.

Once it’s time to make the order I’ll get back to you for payment before I start work, so usually no money is due before the order is ready to be made.

What I Ask of You

Please note that I do not currently take payment or deposits at the point the order is placed because the waiting time is often long and I do not want people to have to pay and then not see anything for it for months.

The downside to this approach for me is that a significant number of people join the waiting list and then never go through with their order, usually by completely ignoring me when I contact them back to start their order. This makes the waiting list artificially long which discourages genuine customers and is also a complete waste of my time!

People on the waiting list are free contact me and remove themselves so there is really no need for this behaviour; please do not join the waiting list if you are not serious about your order.


Prices for items will depend on what you require and are a combination of materials and time. Usually materials are the smaller part of the cost and it is the time involved that determines the majority of the price.

Please be realistic about what bespoke, hand made leather goods from the UK are worth; there is little point in comparing my prices with those for items mass produced in the Far East!

This video which I made attempts to explain some of the differences.

Here is a rough guide to prices (these are not limits), all orders will be quoted on an individual basis:

  • simple kydex £25-35
  • knife pouches £40-50
  • simple small/medium sheaths £40-60
  • complex or larger sheaths £60-120
  • card wallets £25-35
  • full wallets £80-120
  • possibles pouches £35-75

Pattern Items

I nearly always need a pattern item for sheaths and cases to ensure a good fit and I will not work from measurements alone. If I already own the item (see pattern knives for available knives) then I will happily use that for the pattern.

If you would like something making for an item that I don’t own you may need to post it to me and I will then post it back to you along with the completed leather. Please note that there are specific entries in the terms and conditions related to this process.

Please note I no longer accept pattern items from outside of the EU. This is because HMRC have changed their stance on temporary admission and have said it can only be used by VAT registered companies. This in turn means I would have to pay import duty on any items sent to me and then claim it back later on which is a lengthy process with no guarantees; I am not prepared to do this any more as I have had problems in the past.