Leodis Leather Videos

Available to watch here is a collection of videos that I have made about leather work. These videos range in length, some are only a few minutes exploring an idea and others are over an hour long and go through a full project.

The longer videos have indexes so you can jump to a particular place, click the ‘→ index’ link to show/hide it. You can also press the button at the top to expand all the indexes in case you’re looking for something in particular.

There is also an FAQ at the bottom of the page which should answer most of the common questions which are left on the videos.



These videos are provided by me on YouTube for free, however if you are a leatherworker and have found them helpful then you are welcome to send me a donation (only if you would like to do so!).

Leatherwork books, DVDs and courses all cost a lot of money so I believe that there is real value in these videos which I have created. They are also in high definition and can be used by people anywhere in the World. They have influenced many new leatherworkers who have used to them learn everything they need to gain a start in the craft and create some wonderful items.

If you would like to donate please click the Paypal donate button below; you do not need a Paypal account you can also use a card.

If you wish to donate you may send however much you feel the videos are worth, however if you are unsure the suggested donation is £10. All donations are gratefully received!


If you prefer you can view the YouTube channel page, however the videos are better organised below.

If you are looking for something in particular click to toggle all indexes and then search with your browser within the page.

Beginners’ Videos

Build Along Videos

The patterns for the build along series are available to buy in the Etsy shop here.

Long Tutorials

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Fabrication Videos


General Leatherwork and Reviews

Leather and Kydex

General Updates


I get asked a lot of the same questions arising from the videos, please see below for answers to the most common ones!

About Me

— Where did you learn? When did you start? Is this your job? etc.

I am self taught, I have mostly learnt from reading books, Internet forums and articles and have never been on a course or had a teacher. I am not a full time leatherworker and I don’t have decades of experience, there are many people out there with much more experience than me and I have never pretended otherwise!

— I can’t understand your accent!

I’m from Yorkshire and I do have a strong Yorkshire accent. Believe it or not I tone it down quite a bit for the videos! There’s not much I can do about it if you can’t understand me I’m afraid, hopefully you can see well enough what I’m doing though.

— Can you make me one of these/something else?

Possibly, as long as the waiting list is open please see the ordering page.


— Do you run courses/can I come to your house and learn?


— Where can I go to learn?

If you’re outside the UK I can’t help you, if you’re inside the UK please see the links page for some course details. I would strongly suggest everyone joins one of the various forums to find help if there aren’t any courses or groups in your area.


— Where did you get your ____ ?

Most of what I have in terms of tools comes from Tandy or Japan, the rest is old or antiques.

— Where do you get your leather? Where can I buy supplies?

If you’re outside the UK I can’t help you, if you’re inside the UK please see the links page for UK leather suppliers. The ones that I generally use are marked as recommended.

— What type of leather is this? What thickness of leather is this?

This is discussed in the video ‘Choosing the right type, weight and quality of leather for your projects’. Being able to identify and source the correct leather for a project is an important skill and should come with a bit of practice.

— Have you got a laser cutter?

No! Laser cutters cost a fortune (more than a brand new car), I have access to some at work and if you see me using one in a video that’s where it is. There are websites where you can upload things and have them laser cut if you’re interested in that.

— What size drill bit are you using?

These days I try to avoid using the drill, but if you do want to drill then it only needs to be a small bit maybe 1.2mm or 1.4mm depending on the size of your needles and what thread you’re using. Experiment and work these things out for yourself, there are no hard and fast rules.

— What glue are you using?

I used to use Evostick Timebond, I now use the Tanners Bond Contact Cement from Tandy which is re-branded Barge cement (2525-01). I like the Tanners Bond more because it has a brush inside and it doesn’t dry out so much.

— What do I need to start

Please refer to the tools and hardware videos in the beginners’ section.

— Where can I get the pattern for this? Can you send/sell me a pattern?

I very rarely make anything from commercial patterns and nearly always design my own patterns. I do not sell or send out my own patterns (except for the build along videos above), firstly because they’re my IP and it’s detrimental to me if people are making exact copies of my items and secondly making your own patterns is part of learning and a highly valuable leatherwork skill.

Adverts and Donations

— Why is there no sound on this video? Why are there adverts on the videos?

To make a little money the videos have adverts on, the adverts aren’t allowed on any videos that contain commercial content. For this reason some of the older videos which I put songs on I have re-uploaded with the soundtrack removed. Newer videos have royalty free music or no music at all.

— Why are you asking for donations?

Because if you buy leatherwork DVDs they will cost you a lot of money, if you go on a course it will cost you a lot of money. For this reason I believe that the videos I’ve put together have great value for people. If I were to sell them they would cost a lot, I would prefer to make them available on YouTube and then let people donate if they recognise the value in them. Leatherwork is an expensive hobby anyway and a small donation is nothing really compared to the amount that you will need to spend on tools and materials, I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone watching the videos with only a passing interest to send any donations.

— I’d like to send a donation but I don’t have Paypal?

You don’t need a Paypal account to send a donation, you can use any normal credit card. That doesn’t send me your credit card details it’s just like buying something in an on-line shop such as Amazon. You enter the details into Paypal and they will send me the money through. If you really want to send a donation but don’t have a Paypal account or a bank card at all then please contact me directly.

— Why don’t you make DVDs?

Because DVDs are low resolution, inconvenient to use, can get lost/broken and cost a lot to produce. It’s far better to have HD content available on YouTube at people’s finger tips, also if I only had DVDs then they would be unavailable to people who couldn’t afford them. Whilst I try my best and have invested in an expensive camera I also don’t pretend that my production skills are up to commercial DVD standards. Finally I imagine they would just get pirated, people already copy my YouTube videos and upload them to other websites.

The Videos

— Can you show me how to make a ____ ?

Ideas for videos are always welcome and taken on board. What I don’t generally do though is make videos showing things that have already been done so please check through the full list of available videos.

— This video is too long! You talk too much!

I carefully edit all my videos so that only relevant information remains, you won’t see me doing the same thing for 5 minutes if 10 seconds is enough to see the technique so everything I leave in is valuable in my opinion. I put indexes on the long videos so you can jump to a particular place as well though, I don‘t really understand why some people get so angry about this.

— This video is too short!

It would take too long to make every video hours long, plus there is no need to show every single step in every single video. Any of the longer videos show standard things such as cutting out and dyeing, the shorter videos are just to give extra ideas. If every video showed every step in detail I would be repeating mysef too much.

— Why don’t you release more videos?

I prefer to put out quality content as and when I have time (which isn’t very often) rather than rubbish every week.