Ian Atkinson

I am an Infrastructure Engineer living and working in Leeds in the North of England.

My professional work is based at a University in Leeds. As a senior staff member in a small IT team I cover a large variety of work including Windows/Linux/Apple systems administration, security, Active Directory, Exchange/Google Apps, programming (mainly C#, Perl and PHP), networking and wireless (CISCO), databases, asset tracking, staff support etc.

There aren’t many of us on the team and we support a lot of systems as well as hundreds of staff and thousands of students so it’s necessary for me to be able to turn my hand to lots of different areas.

Out of work I have an eclectic mix of interests including leatherwork, photography, genealogy, martial arts, guitars, history and DIY.

If you’ve come here looking for information on my leatherwork business that’s all contained in the Leodis Leather section.


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