Old Photos of Garforth - References and Copyright Notes

These references are for the Old Photos of Garforth page. As you can see most of the exposition and background information for the images has come from books written by Garforth Historical Society; really because they are the only people who have written extensively about Garforth! Sadly most of these books are rare or out of print so I hope that by presenting some of the information that has been discovered here more people may learn about some of the extensive history that our village has to offer.

[1] Photograph of unknown origin, image is public domain or else copyright remains with original photographer 1.

[2] Garforth Historical Society. This Was Garforth. Countryside, 1984.

[3] Garforth Historical Society. Around Garforth. Tempus, 2002.

[4] Garforth Historical Society. A Short History of Garforth. Self Published, 1980.

[5] Adams, Gibson and Lomas. Transcripts of Tape Recorded Interviews With Garforth Residents.

[6] Rootsweb. Extract from 1834 Commercial Directory for Aberford.

1 When a photograph is taken by an individual, the individual automatically owns the copyright for that photograph. Exceptions to this are instances where the individual is acting on behalf of their employer, in which case the employer will own the copyright, or where a coypright has been legally transferred to another party.

The duration of this copyright lasts for the life of the photographer and extends 70 years from the date of their death. After such time the image falls into the ‘public domain’ and may be used freely without restriction.

For example, a photograph of Garforth Bridge is taken in 1850 by a man aged 30 years old. The man dies aged 60 in 1880 and therefore the image falls into the public domain in 1950.

However, if an image was taken of Garforth Main Street in 1960 by a man aged 30, he may die aged 90 in the year 2020. This image will therefore not fall into the public domain until the year 2090.

Clearly some of the photographs that I have presented here will be in the public domain, but others may not. It is impossible to assertain the copyright holders for all of the photographs which I why I have added a general reference for these photographs.

The images are presented here for educational and non-profit reasons only at resolutions unsuitable for print, so I hope that it is unlikely that anyone would have a copyright based objection to this work.

However, if you do have such a valid objection then please contact me immediately so that I may remove material due to any, implied or otherwise, copyright infringement.