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Desert Dagger

When I first saw the SOG Desert Dagger on Uma Thurman’s hip back in 2003 I knew I wanted one.

In Kill Bill the knife is carried in a worn leather sheath which looks great. Imagine my disappointment when my one arrived in a kydex sheath. It was the first knife I ever owned with a kydex sheath, I didn’t even know you could get knives in plastic sheaths up to that point!

I always wanted a leather sheath for it, I did think about buying one but never got around to it. Once I joined British Blades and started to look at the work in the leather forum I realised that maybe I could make one myself.

In other words the Desert Dagger is really the whole reason I took up leatherwork. Thanks SOG!

SOG Desert Dagger Leather Sheath
Antique Japanese Coin Concho
SOG Desert Dagger Leather Sheath
Ivy Cross