Desk Accessories Gallery

These are various desk accessories and stationary items which I make.

Keyboard Mats

Similar to the desk mats above these keyboard mats are designed specifically for computer use. They act as a keyboard mat, mouse pad and wrist rest all in one. Available in smaller and larger sizes for both compact and full sized keyboards.

leather keyboard or desk mat

compact size

leather keyboard or desk mat

full size

Writing Mats or Desk Mats

These leather writing mats give a forgiving surface to write on when using nice pens rather than writing against a hard table surface. They can also be used for things such as crafts, watch repair, firearms maintenance or even as a nice background for photography.

leather writing or desk mat

russet partial border

leather writing or desk mat

russet full border

Pen Pots

These lined leather pen pots are a stylish desk accessory. They can be made with a contrasting lining and have a laced detail also.

Valet Trays

A valet tray is a traditional gentleman’s accessory typically used for storing daily carried items such as watches, money, pens and jewellery when not in use.

Leather Horween Valet Tray

(more )
Dark Brown Horween Chromexcel/Natural Calfskin

Apple Pencil Slips

Designed to store the Apple Pencil when not in use.

Leather Apple Pencil Cover


Leather Apple Pencil Cover

black/cream and plum/fac-violet

Pen Slips

These are simple, quality slips made to store and protect individual fountain pens.

Leather Pelikan Pen Case

plum buffalo calf

Leather Pelikan Pen Case

british racing green buffalo calf