How to Order

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Currently any items that I have for sale will be available in my Etsy shop, you can view a list on this site or visit the shop on Etsy.

The shop has:

  • a selection of completed items ready to ship
  • a selection of made to order items many of which can be customised (e.g. choosing your own colours or leather)
  • leather patterns and videos for leatherworkers

Please note that my waiting list is currently closed, this means I am not taking new orders via email and the only items I have to buy or order are those you can see on the Etsy shop as detailed above.

Please follow the Twitter to be informed if/when the list re-opens or check back here, at the moment I do not have a date for when this might be.

Why is the waiting list closed? More info...

The reason that I am not running a full waiting list for bespoke items is that I am not currently able to commit enough time to it due to other work commitments and ongoing health problems.

Because the waiting list is popular when it’s open the rate at which new orders come in is far greater than the rate at which I can make them and this quickly leads to a backlog which is months long. Most people do not want to wait months for their item and if they claim they are OK with the wait many join the list but never get back to me when I contact them; this makes the waiting list even longer than it needs to be and wastes everyone’s time.

Trying to manage a list like that, dealing with people who have had to wait a long time, replying to enquiries that lead nowhere on top of the work involved in creating fully bespoke orders is stressful and more than I can manage at the moment. I did it for years and I know what it’s like!

This is why I am only selling items on the Etsy shop which I have been able to create in my own time or which I know I can complete within a set time frame. In the future I may be able to change how I run this, but for now this is what I have chosen to do.