Below you can find some free leather patterns as well as details on my build along series.

Build Along Patterns

The leather patterns which are available to purchase below are my build along series. Each of these tutorials includes a pattern pack containing plans to build one or more items along with an accompanying tutorial video where I take you step-by-step through the build process.

These are a fantastic way for you to learn as they contain everything you need and you can work through them at your own pace.

The patterns contain information on tools, which leathers to use, enhancements and so on as well as detailed drawings and written instructions. For full details of what is included in each pack please refer to the Etsy listing. You can browse the patterns in my Etsy shop or choose any pattern below.

You will also see some links to trailer videos below; these are shorter videos which will give you an overview of the items which you can create.

#1 Triangular Coin Pouch

1 + 30m
buy pattern | watch example

#2 Card and Coin Wallets

3 + 1h15m
buy pattern | watch example

#3 Moleskine Covers

2 + 45m
buy pattern | watch example

#4 Messenger Bag

1 + 2h40m
buy pattern | watch example

#5 Compact Purse/Wallet

1 + 1h
buy pattern | watch example

#6 Turned Messenger and Tote Bags

2 + 2h50m
buy pattern | watch example

#7 Midori Style Notebook Covers

4 + 1h
buy pattern | watch example

#8 Enhanced Coin and Card Wallets

3 + 4h50m
buy pattern | watch trailer

#9 Belts

n/a + 4h5m
buy pattern | watch trailer

#10 Card Wallets

5 + 4h30m
buy pattern | watch trailer

Free Patterns

A few of the videos include a free pattern which are available below: