Spyderco Leather Sheaths

Spyderco Bushcraft

Leather Spyderco Bushcraft Sheath
Leather Spyderco Bushcraft Sheath
left handed
Leather Spyderco Bushcraft Sheath
left handed black dangler

Temperance 2

Leather Spyderco Temperance 2 Sheath
Golden Brown

Spyderco Mule

Spyderco have a product called the Mule Team. This is a blade blank available in a variety of steels and the idea is that you put your own handle of choice onto the blank. People have used many different materials including wood, G10, cord wraps, corian, micarta and so on.

There is an excellent Mule handling write up here from Nick on British Blades. There is also a Show Your Mule thread on the Spyderco Forums with many examples!

Spyderco Mule Team With Maroon Micarta sheath
VG10 Damascus/Desert Ironwood

Spyderco Mule Leather Sheath
K390/Redwood Burr with Dark Brown/Havanna Sheath
Spyderco Mule Leather Sheath