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The videos in each section are shown in reverse order (newest first) because the newer ones are generally better than the older ones in terms of quality. They are grouped together to help you find information on specific topics:

Build Along Videos

If you would like to try the build along series please take a look at the patterns page. There is further detail on there about how to purchase or preview those videos.

#1 Triangular Coin Pouch
#2 Card and Coin Wallets
#3 Moleskine Covers
#4 Messenger Bag
#5 Compact Purse/Wallet
#6 Turned Messenger and Tote Bags
#7 Midori Style Notebook Covers
#8 Enhanced Coin and Card Wallets
#9 Belts
#10 Card Wallets

Quick Tips

Aug 2020 | 6m

Removing Wonky Leather Snaps or Rivets

Apr 2020 | 14m

How to do Leather Basketweave Stamping

Apr 2020 | 10m

Cutting Leather Circles

Dec 2019 | 7m

Filing Down Leather Stamps

Feb 2017 | 13m

Guidelines for Leather Tooling

Mar 2016 | 5m

Re-colouring a Singer 201k

Aug 2015 | 8m

Using Rubber Stamps With Leatherwork

May 2015 | 2m

Carnauba Cream Bottle

Nov 2014 | 11m

Checking, Managing and Storing Your Leather

Jan 2013 | 8m

How to Hot Stamp Your Leather


Sep 2020 | 24m

Traditional Saddle Stitching

Sep 2018 | 25m

10 Differences Between Tiger Thread and Fil Au Chinois

Oct 2017 | 23m

Improving Your Leather Stitching Pony

Oct 2013 | 1h35m

Hand Stitching Leather

Dye, Finishes and Glue

Jul 2020 | 11m

Preparing to Glue Leather Projects

May 2020 | 41m

What is the Best leather glue?

Jun 2019 | 19m

Making Lighter Leather Dye (Thinning or Reducing)

Nov 2016 | 14m

How to Sponge Dye Leather

Jun 2014 | 10m

Dyeing Lighter Leather Colours

Oct 2013 | 45m

Information About Dyeing Leather

Apr 2012 | 19m

Using an Airbrush for Leatherwork

May 2011 | 40m

Leather Finishes Compared

Tools and Hardware

Mar 2019 | 27m

Using Copper or Brass Leather Saddlers' Rivets

Oct 2018 | 15m

Renovating a Vintage Vergez Blanchard Crew Punch

Feb 2017 | 16m

Leather Rotary Punch vs Drive Punches

Nov 2016 | 45m

Top 25 Recommended Leatherwork Tools

May 2015 | 20m

Metal Stamping for Leatherwork

Sep 2011 | 30m

The Hardware You Need for Leatherwork

Jan 2011 | 15m

The Tools You Need for Leatherwork

Dec 2010 | 15m

Custom Leather Stamps Information

Dec 2010 | 15m

Arbor Press for Leather and Kydex Work

General Leatherwork

Sep 2015 | 33m

Making High Quality Leather Bag Moulds

Oct 2013 | 45m

Leather Turning and Bindings

Oct 2013 | 35m

Choosing the right leather for your projects

Jun 2012 | 42m

20 Ways to Improve Your Leatherwork

Jun 2011 | 25m

Leather vs Kydex for Knife Sheaths

Long Tutorials

Jun 2020 | 1h19m

Leather Head Knife Sheath

Nov 2018 | 33m

Leather Tool Board or Rack

May 2018 | 25m

Make Leather Covered Snaps

Dec 2017 | 36m

Making a Christmas Tree

Oct 2017 | 38m

Stitching a Zip Into a Leather Bag

Aug 2016 | 48m

Designing and Making Leather Slip Cases

Jan 2014 | 1h

Leather Guitar Strap

Nov 2013 | 1h

Designing and Making a Ka-Bar Sheath

Sep 2013 | 1h20m

Moulded Leather Possibles Pouch

Apr 2013 | 47m

Leather Watch Cuff

Jun 2012 | 1h15m

Pigskin Lined Leather Pouch

Feb 2012 | 1h

Leather and Kydex Fallkniven F1 Sheath

Dec 2011 | 40m

Notebook Cover

Sep 2011 | 75m

Friction Sheath for a Spyderco

Aug 2011 | 1h40m

Bushcraft Sheath for a Fallkniven F1

Jun 2011 | 25m

Kydex Sheath for a Mora Clipper

Apr 2011 | 1h45m

Belt Sheath for an RC-3

Dec 2010 | 1h30m

Pouch Sheath for a Spyderco Mule

Watch Me Create

Jun 2020 | 10m

Leather Head Knife (Round Knife) Sheath

Jan 2017 | 13m

English Oak Bark Leather Belt

Aug 2016 | 3m

Leather Case for a Swiss Army Knife

Feb 2016 | 28m

Leather Knife Sheath

Sep 2015 | 11m

Leather Sheath for a Böker Schanz Dagger

Jun 2015 | 15m

Handmade Leather Wallet

Nov 2014 | 4m

Lord of the Rings Style Leather Pouch

Jan 2014 | 4m

Leather Case for an Apple iPad Mini

Oct 2013 | 2m

Simple 4 Card Leather Wallet

Oct 2013 | 5m

Game of Thrones Leather Moleskine Cover

Oct 2013 | 7m

Leather Banksy styled Moleskine Cover

Oct 2013 | 6m

Leather EDC Pouch for a Leatherman Wave

Oct 2013 | 13m

Inlaid Leather Cowboy Sheath for a Bowie

Oct 2013 | 3m

Chris Reeve Pacific Leather Sheath

Oct 2013 | 14m

Desert Sheath for a Kent Cutlery Knife

May 2013 | 7m

Horween Shell Cordovan Wallet

Jun 2012 | 5m

Leather Case for an Apple iPhone

Sep 2011 | 21m

Hedgehog Leatherworks Style Sheath

Around the Workshop

Nov 2019 | 31m

The Leodis Leather Story

Sep 2019 | 41m

2019 Workshop Tour

May 2015 | 9m

2015 Workshop Renovation

May 2011 | 12m

2011 Workshop Tour

End of Year Slideshows

2017 | 3m


2016 | 3m


2015 | 2m


2014 | 3m


2013 | 4m


2012 | 4m


2011 | 3m



Aug 2020 | 12m

Carl Friedrik Palissy Leather Briefcase

Oct 2018 | 13m

Carl Friedrik Leather Goods Review

Dec 2017 | 16m

HEX n HIT Traditional Wax Seal

Dec 2016 | 48m

HEX n HIT Leather Alphabet Stamps

Jul 2016 | 21m

HEX n HIT Logo Stamps and Maker's Marks

May 2014 | 15m

Sortimo Review

Feb 2014 | 11m

Pro Edge Burnishers

Mar 2013 | 21m

Goods Japan Leather Shop


Mar 2020 | 10m

Coronavirus / Covid-19 Update 1

Apr 2019 | 12m

Tandy Leather Closing Down

Jun 2018 | 9m

Leather Suppliers Scam Warning

Aug 2017 | 4m

August 2017 Update

Jul 2016 | 4m

100k subscribers silver play button

Mar 2016 | 3m

Leodis Leather 100k Subscribers

Dec 2015 | 10m

Christmas 2015 Update

Non-Leather Videos

Aug 2020 | 11m

How to Tie Leather or Paracord Lanyard Knots

Nov 2019 | 21m

Making an Oak Drill Bit Cabinet Part 1

Nov 2018 | 30m

Making a Resin Cast Leather Dovetail Box

Mar 2017 | 11m

A Visit to the Royal Armouries in Leeds

Sep 2011 | 42m

Handling a Spyderco Woodcraft Mule